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Twitter & The Oscars

I am not a huge award show fan, unless its something exciting such as the VMA’s or the Grammys. So, because I obviously did not watch the Oscars, I had the pleasure of updating my Twitter feed to find that I couldnt escape the Oscars. The only reason I know that “The Artist” was one of the biggest winners was because of Twitter. Almost every trending hashtag was about the red carpet, the movies, the celebrities on the red carpet, or just the awards in general. Ive noticed that this happens often, if there is an event or something going on with celebrities, Twitter is Live-Tweeting the entire thing. Other than watching it on basically every channel, you read about it on your feed. Social Media is more powerful than a lot of people may think.


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Adrian Garza

Occupy Movement

Comment: I agree with you. It probably wasn’t the most effective way to gain supporters. I saw the occupy movement at its strongest this past summer in Boston while interning at ABC. We covered it nearly every day and it really was an effective way to gain media attention. Especially in Boston where they were often disrupting the flow of the city.

96News Interviews ALLSTAR WEEKEND

In my most recent episode of the news broadcast that I produce, anchor, and edit, I interviewed the band AllStar Weekend. They started out on Disney Channels “Next Big Thing” and soon landed their own record deal. They were a ton of fun to hang out with and really gave me a look into what artists should be like. They were very down to earth, eager to hear my questions, and even asked about my life. In parts of the interview that didnt make it into the final cut, they told me what a typical day looks like for them. It was really great to have a conversation with them, even when the cameras werent rolling, and having them be genuinely interested in what I had to say.

Nicki Minaj Performance from the Grammys…Too much?

Many people have been outraged and even discusted by the way Nicki Minaj performed on the 2012 Grammy Awards show on CBS. As you can see in the clip posted above, Nicki recreated scenes from the exorcist in which her alter ego “Roman” is exorcised. She has priests, and all sorts of religious symbolism in this performance. Many people were offended and some were just confused on what was happening throughout the entire performance. Nicki Minaj recently spoke out saying that it all part of a movie. The exorcist right? No! A new movie shes writing. She told the Huffington Post that she wanted to give the audience a preview of what was to come, and what she has written so far for her so called feature length film. This definitely was one of those performances at the Grammys that you do not forget.

BUT….Did it top Britney and Madonnas imfamous kiss?

Baby Slinging Grandma — MY FAVORITE

Although I am not much of a sports fan, I had to watch the Super Bowl to support the New England Patriots, whom play just 15 minutes from my house in Massachusetts. As I was watching, I saw this commercial from Doritos. It is probably one of the more clever commercials I have seen. This ad targets so many audiences, which is one of the best things about it. From kids all the way to adults can enjoy the humor that is in this ad. Kids will enjoy the fact that a baby is being sling shotted across the yard to grab Doritos. On the other hand, adults will enjoy it because they will understand how annoying a kid can be. And while you cant always shut a kid up by sling shotting a baby, the idea is hysterical. I think this is something everyone can find some kind of humor in, no matter where you are coming from.

Companies that use Social Media to their advantage

"Panam," is a primetime ABC show featured in this infographic.

Check out this Infographic from Kristin Piombino. It talks about how many companies use social media the wrong way, but a lot use it to their advantage. ABC for example, uses PanAm on twitter. Viewers who use twitter can use the hashtag for PanAm, and also listen to the Pandora station that ABC has created with music from the era. If there is a hashtag on a show, I always use it to tell my opinion on the show. I watch Suburgatory on ABC, and they often use a hashtag in order to have their viewers talk about it.

This also reminds me of the Groundswell, where these companies are letting their viewers create a community around their product. When you watch a show, often times you call your friend or family member to talk about it. Instead of doing that on a 1-1 basis, companies, like ABC, are encouraging their customers to do it within a community. Using Twitter to have your viewers market your product for you seems pretty genius to me. They get all the publicity they  need from social media with one hashtag.

Helping the Groundswell

For our class presentation, we researched how the Groundswell helps your company. This was actually a very interesting topic because I could see it in everyday social media life. Wikipedia is a site that builds community. People post articles for others to see. You can find anything you need on Wikipedia. The posts may not always be 100% accurate, but you are sure to find everything you need.

Helping the Groundswell simply means, you should let your customers build something together. For example,  our Groundswell book, by author Charlene Li, explains that a South Korean search engine was not getting any views because of the lack of responses in Korean. When a few thousand Koreans asked questions, they got 110,000 responses in return. More responses = more dollars. Wiki’s help the groundswell.