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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Why is it important to use images in your blog?

Polaroid 1000 Land Camera and Polatronic 1 Flash

Images is a huge way to draw in potential followers of your blog. Images help get your point across without forcing someone to read pages and pages of text. Its a great way to show how you feel and emphasize your opinion in your blogging. Images that relate to your topics make it that more powerful when people are reading your posts. For example, my recent post about the fight on gay marriage, I used a picture of a protesters sign. This showed how much of an issue this is. Like they say “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Its true! You can get a whole story out of one picture.


Comment on Kyla’s Social Media Use

Peer Comment #2

Kyla White

(January 28, 2012) You’re right about having too many social media sites is exhausting! I do love my twitter. My Facebook I’m not using as much as I used to! I need to look more into Pinterest.  LinkedIn is something I’m starting to get more acquainted with because of job searching and networking with different people in the business. I totally agree with you about photography though, I don’t need anything thats strictly photography, i don’t take enough pictures for something like that! Also, I don’t think I’m that great at taking pictures.


“Thank God for Gay Marriage”

Huffington Post – Rev. Tim Phillips

This is an extremely interesting submission by Rev. Tim Phillips who talks about Gay Marriage in Washington state. He discusses Senator Mary Margaret Haugen, a Christian, who showed her support for the piece of legislature that would allow gay couples to marry. Rev. Phillips talks about how he admires her.

My favorite quote from this piece is ” this debate always gets us back to the basics — what kind of God do we trust and what kind of Jesus do we serve?”. This is something that I was thinking of with my last post on “JESUS>RELIGION”. I think the fact that Rev. Phillips is commending Senator Haugen for her courage in speaking her mind on this issue is something we all need to consider.

Rev. Phillips also talks about the difference between Church and State in this debate. He explains that Christians would argue that marriage is commended by scripture, and when you enter into the legal agreement of marriage, you aren’t necessarily saying that you adopt these moral standards.

Just like in the video in my recent posts, Rev. Phillips says that the gay marriage debate has unleashed somewhat of a “holy war” and that gay families are being attacked. Progressive followers of Jesus wish not to be associated with the name “Christian”.

Prop 8 Protest

Image from IngridTaylor

Twitter, Facebook…& Klout?

Peer Comment # 1

Rachel LaFlam- Social Media

(January 28, 2012) I am an avid Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin user, but Klout is definitely something I want to check out. I never really thought about what kind of influence I may have with social media. Thats interesting to see who is actually paying attention to the things you post. Thanks Miss LaFlam 🙂


Im not sure who has seen this yet, but it is powerful. Im told its very controversial, but I didn’t really think so. Maybe because I’m a little controversial. Its something really interesting to think about, and seems quite valid. We often times forget those three words, “It Is Finished”, and continue to put people down and look at what they’ve done, rather than knowing that its not your place to judge anyway, because again, “It Is Finished”.

Yahoo Isn’t Going Anywhere!

Comment # 3

Charlene Li

Jerry Yang’s Departure

(January 28, 2012) I agree with Klaus, this is no MySpace. As big as other companies may get, and as many other options are available to users, people usually stick with what they are comfortable with. Yahoo is something that I have always used. For my email, for my search engine, and for many other things. I think this is a strong company that will stay strong, even if it does have 100 million less users per month than Facebook!

Facebook Knows When You’re About To End A Relationship

Comment # 2

PR Junkie – Michael Sebastian

Does Facebook Know When You’re About To End A Relationship?

(January 28, 2012) This is extremely interesting. I never really thought of the things we do on Facebook predict our next move. Like, sending virtual flowers to someone else, or poking them while we are in a relationship. It doesn’t always mean it happens to everyone, but Facebook is where a lot of people search for people to date.