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Monthly Archives: March 2012

“Putting The Public Back In Public Relations”

In our social media #comm4633 class, we had to review a book about PR. And as you may have seen from my twitter, the entire class live tweeted during the presentations. My book was very very similar to the groundswell in my opinion. It talked about how people need to be their own PR reps. The public is responsible for how most brands and products excel. If the public hates a brand or product, then it doesnt sell, and therefore doesnt make any money. People tend to trust people over advertisers.

If you tell someone online how much you love a product, you’re most likely going to buy that product because you trust your peers over the brand. I also, of course, talked about Britney Spears and how Perez Hilton, famous celebrity blogger was in her 2009 Circus Tour. Im sure that all the blogging he does about her, boosted ticket sales for her tour and in return, gave him publicity back. This is the NEW era of PR…..or in other words, PR 2.0.