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“Thank God for Gay Marriage”

Huffington Post – Rev. Tim Phillips

This is an extremely interesting submission by Rev. Tim Phillips who talks about Gay Marriage in Washington state. He discusses Senator Mary Margaret Haugen, a Christian, who showed her support for the piece of legislature that would allow gay couples to marry. Rev. Phillips talks about how he admires her.

My favorite quote from this piece is ” this debate always gets us back to the basics — what kind of God do we trust and what kind of Jesus do we serve?”. This is something that I was thinking of with my last post on “JESUS>RELIGION”. I think the fact that Rev. Phillips is commending Senator Haugen for her courage in speaking her mind on this issue is something we all need to consider.

Rev. Phillips also talks about the difference between Church and State in this debate. He explains that Christians would argue that marriage is commended by scripture, and when you enter into the legal agreement of marriage, you aren’t necessarily saying that you adopt these moral standards.

Just like in the video in my recent posts, Rev. Phillips says that the gay marriage debate has unleashed somewhat of a “holy war” and that gay families are being attacked. Progressive followers of Jesus wish not to be associated with the name “Christian”.

Prop 8 Protest

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