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The Power of My Twitter

When I first started Twitter, I didn’t realize that it would become extremely handy in the future. As Barbara Nixon has shown us, Twitter can help you in life, and get your noticed. In my recent post about AllStar Weekend, I posted a question for their fans with the hashtag “ALLSTARWEEKEND”. I got a  lot of responses back in questions that they wanted me to ask the band. Once the questions were answered and posted on the YouTube channel, I saw that the video was being passed around from fan to fan and is currently at over 1,400 views. The video is now all over Tumblr (Which I am unfamiliar with). I have talked a lot about twitter in this blog, but as I have experienced first hand, the power that twitter has can really get you noticed in whatever you are looking for. From interviews, to tweeting a politician, a celebrity, or about an issue. Twitter has the power to make or break you depending on what you post and how many people are affected by it.


Twitter & Finding a job

Its coming to that time of year where all of us seniors are stressing out. Partially because of the end of college, finals, and other things. But, more so because its time to enter the real worl

d. Many people dont know exactly where they will end up come graduation. I for one, have had a hard time deciding what part of the country to even look at working in. For me, in news, the possibilities are nearly endless. All depending on the market size of the station (Market #1-#210), you could end up in small town Oregon, or even upstate NY. The trick is to find the job that works best for you. While looking at ads/openings that organizations post is a great way to find out what positions are available, sometimes all you need is a good connection.

Personally, Twitter has become one of my best friends. After posted news broadcasts, my reel, and other news packages that I have done, I have attracted dozens of followers who work in the industry. From producers, to anchors, and even some news directors. If you are someone who doesn’t like social media, and doesnt have time for twitter, make time for it! When people get to see you on a personal level, as well as a professional level, I think they are more likely to consider you for a position when they see you as a package deal.

“Putting The Public Back In Public Relations”

In our social media #comm4633 class, we had to review a book about PR. And as you may have seen from my twitter, the entire class live tweeted during the presentations. My book was very very similar to the groundswell in my opinion. It talked about how people need to be their own PR reps. The public is responsible for how most brands and products excel. If the public hates a brand or product, then it doesnt sell, and therefore doesnt make any money. People tend to trust people over advertisers.

If you tell someone online how much you love a product, you’re most likely going to buy that product because you trust your peers over the brand. I also, of course, talked about Britney Spears and how Perez Hilton, famous celebrity blogger was in her 2009 Circus Tour. Im sure that all the blogging he does about her, boosted ticket sales for her tour and in return, gave him publicity back. This is the NEW era of PR…..or in other words, PR 2.0.

Twitter & The Oscars

I am not a huge award show fan, unless its something exciting such as the VMA’s or the Grammys. So, because I obviously did not watch the Oscars, I had the pleasure of updating my Twitter feed to find that I couldnt escape the Oscars. The only reason I know that “The Artist” was one of the biggest winners was because of Twitter. Almost every trending hashtag was about the red carpet, the movies, the celebrities on the red carpet, or just the awards in general. Ive noticed that this happens often, if there is an event or something going on with celebrities, Twitter is Live-Tweeting the entire thing. Other than watching it on basically every channel, you read about it on your feed. Social Media is more powerful than a lot of people may think.

Nicki Minaj Performance from the Grammys…Too much?

Many people have been outraged and even discusted by the way Nicki Minaj performed on the 2012 Grammy Awards show on CBS. As you can see in the clip posted above, Nicki recreated scenes from the exorcist in which her alter ego “Roman” is exorcised. She has priests, and all sorts of religious symbolism in this performance. Many people were offended and some were just confused on what was happening throughout the entire performance. Nicki Minaj recently spoke out saying that it all part of a movie. The exorcist right? No! A new movie shes writing. She told the Huffington Post that she wanted to give the audience a preview of what was to come, and what she has written so far for her so called feature length film. This definitely was one of those performances at the Grammys that you do not forget.

BUT….Did it top Britney and Madonnas imfamous kiss?

Companies that use Social Media to their advantage

"Panam," is a primetime ABC show featured in this infographic.

Check out this Infographic from Kristin Piombino. It talks about how many companies use social media the wrong way, but a lot use it to their advantage. ABC for example, uses PanAm on twitter. Viewers who use twitter can use the hashtag for PanAm, and also listen to the Pandora station that ABC has created with music from the era. If there is a hashtag on a show, I always use it to tell my opinion on the show. I watch Suburgatory on ABC, and they often use a hashtag in order to have their viewers talk about it.

This also reminds me of the Groundswell, where these companies are letting their viewers create a community around their product. When you watch a show, often times you call your friend or family member to talk about it. Instead of doing that on a 1-1 basis, companies, like ABC, are encouraging their customers to do it within a community. Using Twitter to have your viewers market your product for you seems pretty genius to me. They get all the publicity they  need from social media with one hashtag.

“Thank God for Gay Marriage”

Huffington Post – Rev. Tim Phillips

This is an extremely interesting submission by Rev. Tim Phillips who talks about Gay Marriage in Washington state. He discusses Senator Mary Margaret Haugen, a Christian, who showed her support for the piece of legislature that would allow gay couples to marry. Rev. Phillips talks about how he admires her.

My favorite quote from this piece is ” this debate always gets us back to the basics — what kind of God do we trust and what kind of Jesus do we serve?”. This is something that I was thinking of with my last post on “JESUS>RELIGION”. I think the fact that Rev. Phillips is commending Senator Haugen for her courage in speaking her mind on this issue is something we all need to consider.

Rev. Phillips also talks about the difference between Church and State in this debate. He explains that Christians would argue that marriage is commended by scripture, and when you enter into the legal agreement of marriage, you aren’t necessarily saying that you adopt these moral standards.

Just like in the video in my recent posts, Rev. Phillips says that the gay marriage debate has unleashed somewhat of a “holy war” and that gay families are being attacked. Progressive followers of Jesus wish not to be associated with the name “Christian”.

Prop 8 Protest

Image from IngridTaylor