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The Power of My Twitter

When I first started Twitter, I didn’t realize that it would become extremely handy in the future. As Barbara Nixon has shown us, Twitter can help you in life, and get your noticed. In my recent post about AllStar Weekend, I posted a question for their fans with the hashtag “ALLSTARWEEKEND”. I got a  lot of responses back in questions that they wanted me to ask the band. Once the questions were answered and posted on the YouTube channel, I saw that the video was being passed around from fan to fan and is currently at over 1,400 views. The video is now all over Tumblr (Which I am unfamiliar with). I have talked a lot about twitter in this blog, but as I have experienced first hand, the power that twitter has can really get you noticed in whatever you are looking for. From interviews, to tweeting a politician, a celebrity, or about an issue. Twitter has the power to make or break you depending on what you post and how many people are affected by it.


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