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Twitter & Finding a job

Its coming to that time of year where all of us seniors are stressing out. Partially because of the end of college, finals, and other things. But, more so because its time to enter the real worl

d. Many people dont know exactly where they will end up come graduation. I for one, have had a hard time deciding what part of the country to even look at working in. For me, in news, the possibilities are nearly endless. All depending on the market size of the station (Market #1-#210), you could end up in small town Oregon, or even upstate NY. The trick is to find the job that works best for you. While looking at ads/openings that organizations post is a great way to find out what positions are available, sometimes all you need is a good connection.

Personally, Twitter has become one of my best friends. After posted news broadcasts, my reel, and other news packages that I have done, I have attracted dozens of followers who work in the industry. From producers, to anchors, and even some news directors. If you are someone who doesn’t like social media, and doesnt have time for twitter, make time for it! When people get to see you on a personal level, as well as a professional level, I think they are more likely to consider you for a position when they see you as a package deal.


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