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Deirdre Breakenridge

Thanks for the information! I had never heard of Zite, but after reading your post and downloading it, its probably one of my favorite apps as well! Thanks again.


Yahoo Isn’t Going Anywhere!

Comment # 3

Charlene Li

Jerry Yang’s Departure

(January 28, 2012) I agree with Klaus, this is no MySpace. As big as other companies may get, and as many other options are available to users, people usually stick with what they are comfortable with. Yahoo is something that I have always used. For my email, for my search engine, and for many other things. I think this is a strong company that will stay strong, even if it does have 100 million less users per month than Facebook!

Facebook Knows When You’re About To End A Relationship

Comment # 2

PR Junkie – Michael Sebastian

Does Facebook Know When You’re About To End A Relationship?

(January 28, 2012) This is extremely interesting. I never really thought of the things we do on Facebook predict our next move. Like, sending virtual flowers to someone else, or poking them while we are in a relationship. It doesn’t always mean it happens to everyone, but Facebook is where a lot of people search for people to date.

Forgetting Your Password – Comment

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PR Junkie- Jessica Levco

PR Junkie

(January 28, 2012) I forget my password constantly! I have a different password for twitter, Facebook, and my email. Why? I have no idea. Its probably not the best idea but the thing about my passwords is, if you know me well, you could probably guess it! So I have to keep it interesting.