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My Fave Blogs

To be honest, this class has been completely new for me. I don’t think I had ever had an interest of following a blog until I was required to for this class. Im not completely up to speed with which professional has a great blog, or what new book about PR or social media has been written. Although, I have been following people in our class and in the other PR classes that Professor Nixon is teaching.

So, I decided instead of telling my favorite professional blogs (because I don’t have any), Ill tell my favorite peer blogs!

First, I really liked Molly Dodd’s blog. This blog had a  lot of interesting information that can be useful in everyday life. For example, her most recent post about when to send a “Thank You!” note. This is light hearted but also very important sometimes when it comes to interviews or other aspects of the business world.

Second, Rachel LaFlam’s blog proved to be one to follow. While I am not a professional blogger, Rachel’s blog made it easy to understand PR topics even though I may not be familiar with PR in general. The way Rachel uses things such as “Harry Potter” to discuss widgets and badges is great. It gives me a sense of what she’s talking about (and doesn’t make me feel stupid when I have no idea what badges are).

Third, Beth Telg always brings a smile to my face. Again, this is one of those blogs that is relatable. I feel like Beth is writing for anyone, not just a PR professional or someone in the industry.


Viral Videos

We  have all seen those videos that end up on Good Morning America, or the Today show because of the amount of publicity it has gotten. Whether it be something funny, crazy, or just something that people have never seen before, we all have come across its links. One in particular that I recently saw was “Awkward Kristin”. The funny thing about this video is that my good friend Corrie Lovette works with the girl who is featured. The video got so much attention that even Ellen recognized it and had to have Kristin on her show! Check out the video.



Foursquare–Whats the big deal?

I must admit that when Foursquare first became popular, I was into it. Becoming the mayor of things, and checking in everywhere you go seemed like fun. But, whats the big deal? Many people including myself dont really care where you are checking in at (every 5 minutes). But, most companies are smart, and they are using Foursquare in order to gain business. Social media has become a very big money maker for companies today, so they would be stupid not to use it to their full advantage, including Foursquare. Many companies are using incentives for their users who “Check in” at t heir establishment. For example, many restaurants are offering free appetizers or discounts on drinks if you check in while you’re there. This is great for people who frequent these places, or for new people who find out about it and want to get a deal.


At the same time, foursquare can be a downfall to business as well. While the incentives for customers are great and often times turn out to be great offers, many times, people can make fake foursquare accounts for businesses (why? I dont know) and use them to trick people. People will go into the establishment and try to redeem their discount or free product and are unable to. This is only something that looks bad on the company and often times upsets the customers, sometimes enough to make them not come back.

Personally, I dont use foursquare because of the annoying posts that it makes. I dont necessarily need everyone to know where I am at every minute of the day. I do have many friends that do have the app, and often times get free stuff out of it. But, as a time consumer, and a sort of a privacy situation, I dont think I would go back to it.

Social Media: Big Money for BIG business?

I thought that this podcast was a really great idea. Most people dont really understand the though process on both sides of this issue, “Is SM right formy business?”.  They talked about Dell, and how customers can tell Dell how they are doing through social media. I think this is something that every company needs to do in order to have a successful business. 

One thing thats discussed is “What if someone says something bad about my company? I may lose control”. Thats one thing I worried about when putting 96News on YouTube. I worried that if I put myself out there on the news and someone didnt like it, that they would post something that could harm my reputation or the news show itself.

“We might as well get rid of telephones…people are picking up phones and calling and TALKING about things” — This is something that is so true, just because you dont have social media attached to your company, doesnt mean that people arent talking about you, you cant escape it. It would only be something that works in your favor as a business owner or head of a business.

The podcast then begins to discuss people you may not even know who are benefiting from social media. “Joe the maintenance worker” has 500 connections on Linkedin. He uses it to learn from other plumbers and maintenance workers who show him different ways to be better at the job he is at now. The way that the CEO in this podcast was against social media was very surprising to me. If that was me, I would take every opportunity in order to make sure that I am connecting fully with my customers and making the best out of their experience while buying or using my product, and be able to tell me how to make it better.

Baby Slinging Grandma — MY FAVORITE

Although I am not much of a sports fan, I had to watch the Super Bowl to support the New England Patriots, whom play just 15 minutes from my house in Massachusetts. As I was watching, I saw this commercial from Doritos. It is probably one of the more clever commercials I have seen. This ad targets so many audiences, which is one of the best things about it. From kids all the way to adults can enjoy the humor that is in this ad. Kids will enjoy the fact that a baby is being sling shotted across the yard to grab Doritos. On the other hand, adults will enjoy it because they will understand how annoying a kid can be. And while you cant always shut a kid up by sling shotting a baby, the idea is hysterical. I think this is something everyone can find some kind of humor in, no matter where you are coming from.

Helping the Groundswell

For our class presentation, we researched how the Groundswell helps your company. This was actually a very interesting topic because I could see it in everyday social media life. Wikipedia is a site that builds community. People post articles for others to see. You can find anything you need on Wikipedia. The posts may not always be 100% accurate, but you are sure to find everything you need.

Helping the Groundswell simply means, you should let your customers build something together. For example,  our Groundswell book, by author Charlene Li, explains that a South Korean search engine was not getting any views because of the lack of responses in Korean. When a few thousand Koreans asked questions, they got 110,000 responses in return. More responses = more dollars. Wiki’s help the groundswell.

Week 3 – Is Social Media Monitoring ethical?

Is social media monitoring ethical? Provide commentary and discussion on both sides of the issue, and offer your personal viewpoint.

Social Media Monitoring is something that is going to happen in todays world, especially in our line of business, communication. When I worked at ABC Boston this past summer, the main anchor would tell me what not to have on my Facebook because of potential employers that would be looking at what I post.

I use Twitter constantly! Im also very conscious of what I post because of my news show, 96News. I make my twitter public to the news, which airs on PGTV-Lakeland. While I dont know how many people actually have viewed my twitter because of the show, I have to assume that people are watching. There are news stations in FL, Boston, and other states that have followed me on Twitter. If I want to get a job in the news industry, I have to be careful about the certain things I post.

I am very opinionated on some issues, and sometimes I have to watch not to be so vocal on how I feel. In news, you have to remain neutral and let people think for themselves. Presenting the facts is all you have to do, leave the rest to your viewer. I think the same way to social media, especially in the field I am in. I give people information on some things and whether they choose to listen to me is up to them.

SO! In all, I think that social media monitoring is ethical. I think that if we are going to represent a company, we should be held accountable for posting certain things that potentially millions of people could see. This could really make or break a companies reputation.