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Nicki Minaj Performance from the Grammys…Too much?

Many people have been outraged and even discusted by the way Nicki Minaj performed on the 2012 Grammy Awards show on CBS. As you can see in the clip posted above, Nicki recreated scenes from the exorcist in which her alter ego “Roman” is exorcised. She has priests, and all sorts of religious symbolism in this performance. Many people were offended and some were just confused on what was happening throughout the entire performance. Nicki Minaj recently spoke out saying that it all part of a movie. The exorcist right? No! A new movie shes writing. She told the Huffington Post that she wanted to give the audience a preview of what was to come, and what she has written so far for her so called feature length film. This definitely was one of those performances at the Grammys that you do not forget.

BUT….Did it top Britney and Madonnas imfamous kiss?


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