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Baby Slinging Grandma — MY FAVORITE

Although I am not much of a sports fan, I had to watch the Super Bowl to support the New England Patriots, whom play just 15 minutes from my house in Massachusetts. As I was watching, I saw this commercial from Doritos. It is probably one of the more clever commercials I have seen. This ad targets so many audiences, which is one of the best things about it. From kids all the way to adults can enjoy the humor that is in this ad. Kids will enjoy the fact that a baby is being sling shotted across the yard to grab Doritos. On the other hand, adults will enjoy it because they will understand how annoying a kid can be. And while you cant always shut a kid up by sling shotting a baby, the idea is hysterical. I think this is something everyone can find some kind of humor in, no matter where you are coming from.


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  1. I loved this commercial! I almost did it for my post but I chose to do the M&M one better. I know this is one of the commercials that people will remember. I agree will you that the idea of “sling shooting” a baby is funny. Both kids and adults can appreciate the humor integrated into the commercial.


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