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Week 3 – Is Social Media Monitoring ethical?

Is social media monitoring ethical? Provide commentary and discussion on both sides of the issue, and offer your personal viewpoint.

Social Media Monitoring is something that is going to happen in todays world, especially in our line of business, communication. When I worked at ABC Boston this past summer, the main anchor would tell me what not to have on my Facebook because of potential employers that would be looking at what I post.

I use Twitter constantly! Im also very conscious of what I post because of my news show, 96News. I make my twitter public to the news, which airs on PGTV-Lakeland. While I dont know how many people actually have viewed my twitter because of the show, I have to assume that people are watching. There are news stations in FL, Boston, and other states that have followed me on Twitter. If I want to get a job in the news industry, I have to be careful about the certain things I post.

I am very opinionated on some issues, and sometimes I have to watch not to be so vocal on how I feel. In news, you have to remain neutral and let people think for themselves. Presenting the facts is all you have to do, leave the rest to your viewer. I think the same way to social media, especially in the field I am in. I give people information on some things and whether they choose to listen to me is up to them.

SO! In all, I think that social media monitoring is ethical. I think that if we are going to represent a company, we should be held accountable for posting certain things that potentially millions of people could see. This could really make or break a companies reputation.


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BostonFlorida, Senior at Southeastern, TV News Anchor & Reporter, NOH8!

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  1. Ryan, I totally agree! Twitter is a great resource, and it is vital to building a social network, but it needs to be used carefully. We never know who is watching closely, especially future employers. If they see one post that offends them or might make them think something negative, our chances could be ruined.

    Thank you for the information,



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