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Social Media: Big Money for BIG business?

I thought that this podcast was a really great idea. Most people dont really understand the though process on both sides of this issue, “Is SM right formy business?”.  They talked about Dell, and how customers can tell Dell how they are doing through social media. I think this is something that every company needs to do in order to have a successful business. 

One thing thats discussed is “What if someone says something bad about my company? I may lose control”. Thats one thing I worried about when putting 96News on YouTube. I worried that if I put myself out there on the news and someone didnt like it, that they would post something that could harm my reputation or the news show itself.

“We might as well get rid of telephones…people are picking up phones and calling and TALKING about things” — This is something that is so true, just because you dont have social media attached to your company, doesnt mean that people arent talking about you, you cant escape it. It would only be something that works in your favor as a business owner or head of a business.

The podcast then begins to discuss people you may not even know who are benefiting from social media. “Joe the maintenance worker” has 500 connections on Linkedin. He uses it to learn from other plumbers and maintenance workers who show him different ways to be better at the job he is at now. The way that the CEO in this podcast was against social media was very surprising to me. If that was me, I would take every opportunity in order to make sure that I am connecting fully with my customers and making the best out of their experience while buying or using my product, and be able to tell me how to make it better.


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