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Foursquare–Whats the big deal?

I must admit that when Foursquare first became popular, I was into it. Becoming the mayor of things, and checking in everywhere you go seemed like fun. But, whats the big deal? Many people including myself dont really care where you are checking in at (every 5 minutes). But, most companies are smart, and they are using Foursquare in order to gain business. Social media has become a very big money maker for companies today, so they would be stupid not to use it to their full advantage, including Foursquare. Many companies are using incentives for their users who “Check in” at t heir establishment. For example, many restaurants are offering free appetizers or discounts on drinks if you check in while you’re there. This is great for people who frequent these places, or for new people who find out about it and want to get a deal.


At the same time, foursquare can be a downfall to business as well. While the incentives for customers are great and often times turn out to be great offers, many times, people can make fake foursquare accounts for businesses (why? I dont know) and use them to trick people. People will go into the establishment and try to redeem their discount or free product and are unable to. This is only something that looks bad on the company and often times upsets the customers, sometimes enough to make them not come back.

Personally, I dont use foursquare because of the annoying posts that it makes. I dont necessarily need everyone to know where I am at every minute of the day. I do have many friends that do have the app, and often times get free stuff out of it. But, as a time consumer, and a sort of a privacy situation, I dont think I would go back to it.


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